The bugging - operation

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

a secret agent of the Gestapo sent me very secret tape with a conversation between our evangelical clergyman who didn´t evade taxes and his superintendent.

After the opinion of my lawyer Mr. William Jusspinner I may publish the material I ´ve got in an illegal way, because it is self evident that everything is totally free inventend... all the other stories of!

Joachim Kossmann
superintendent Hallo, brother clergyman, you ´ve got to know why I asked you to visit me.
ev. clergyman Yes. The publications will not come to an end. I fear to become crazy!
superintendent That´s enough!
ev. clergyman This fellow Kossmann has to be thrown into the psychiatry!

Oh no! With that we were victimized already one time. The court stayed a lawsuit, and now Kossmann is making public relation against us because of our denunciation.
ev. clergyman

But it will not be possible to oppose Kossmann in a legal way. As long as he says that his reports are free invented, and the persons are not to be identified, he can publish what he wants - he mustn´t care wheter the publications will be right or wrong.
superintendent Aha!? The story has a true core at all?
ev. clergyman The prosecuting attorney has given a plain answer to this question.

Don´t think that the prosecuting attorney will stand at your side! He knows for certain that you ´ve lied at trial. He is not stupid at all. He only brought an action against Kossmann in order to silcence him, because Kossmann had criticized spitefully the judges and the prosecuting attorney in public.
ev. clergyman But that wasn´t successful. The publications were not stopped.
superintendent Yes. ...and now Kossmann is also making propaganda against the state which feeds us.
ev. cletgyman

Kossmann wants to bring an action against the Federal Reublic of Germany at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg!

That´s a sacrileg! You have made a worse mistake to order a real injunction against Kossmann, brother clergyman!
ev. clergyman

I thought Kossmann will stop his puplications, if I order a real injunction. But Kossmann left only the names away and since he makes public relation with the real injunction people are interested for his church - sites!

Your evading of taxes was at all only a bagatelle, you should have conceded it. Than Kossmann would have been the bone - head.
ev. clergyman Kossmann took me for a ride at a worse kind a few years ago.

He is not responsible for your dumbness. You put into the affair because of your lies at court more and more.
ev. clergyman ...but the authorities are standing at my side!

Kossmann doesn´t fear the authorities. ...and your article in our local daily newspaper should bring you sympathy of the people - that was really ridiculous!
ev. clergyman I hope that Kossmann will emigrate to Canada as soon as possible.

For heaven´s sake! Kossmann would reclaim political asylum in Canada. This would be a sensation for the mass - medias, so that the respect of Germany and of our church would be damaged.
ev. clergyman I ´ve not thought at all that Kossmann will be so fond of going to the medias.
superintendent Recently Kossmann has intended to become a rock - star.
ev. clergyman ...nothing will be spared for the German people.
superintendent You, brother clergyman., should be spared for us!
ev. clergyman I was sent me to the solitude already.

We have got a nice parish for you nearby the polish boundary. But you will get a raise in salary, because you will shut up your mouth. You know too much about our church and you might be indiscreet.
ev. clergyman What are you thinking? I would never blackmail someone!

We may not neglect reality. In a case of doubt you will prefer a Porsche Turbo to your church.
ev. clergyman Mmm. I am spending the few years until I will recieve my pension at any kind.
superintendent We have to respect hard times.
ev. clergyman Perhaps we should try to speak with Kossmann on a wise kind.
superintendent That may be a good idea. We have never tried to do this in the past.
Reproduction of the text with friedly allowance of the Gestapo.