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I would be very happy to hear your opinion to this website, but please use the guest - book to let us make an open discussion worldwide!


Why do I publish

It is very urgent to separate the truth from fiction. During my websites and are only dealing with true matters, the satire - website will only present fictionary stories.
But the fiction of shall show in a clear way how ridicolous religion and church are in reality. So the fictionary satire will be overtaken by the reality.
Some episodes of might injure religious feelings. Christian people should not be too sensitive, because Christianity has never been a polite religion itself. You can say your opinion in the website - guest book, even if you are a Christ!
If you want you can look upon as an only amusement lecture. But you can also searche for the deeper background of this site.
Although we there is official freedom of the press and public opinion in the Federal Republic of Germany, you can publish some stories only by the condition, if you define this stories to be free inventended. The question will be, if the stories are untrue in reality. will be further developed in future. A lot of other themes will follow. Let you be surprised!








Joachim Kossmann