The evangelical clergyman voices his opinion
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

because of paragraph this way or that way of the press censorchip I ´m obligated to publish the clergyman´s counterstatement equal it ´s true or not.

But we all know: Clergyman are never lying!
Joachim Kossmann

The evangelical clergyman swears that he had loved hid dead mother and that he sorrowed about her death.

This photo from Dec. 6th, 2002 proves how tender the clergyman cares about the grave of his dead mother. He spent the 6.000 US § he has got in a very respectable way.

The evangelical clergyman protests against the illegal reproduction of his conversation with the two missionaries of the Church of Jesues Christ of Latter Day Saints. Such conversations are not available to be published.

The clergyman declared that he had published by himself an article in a well known East - German newspaper and asked to abolish the West - German church taxes.

The evangelical clergyman denies in a very strong way the imputation he hasn´t evaded taxes.

As a co - worker of the commitée of socialistic international peace and interconfessional agriculture he demands to evade business taxes in the amont of 3,87 US § in 1973. Therefore his honour as an evangelical clergyman should have been reconstructed.

Photo: Yes, our evangelical clergyman is surely good for a proper meal.

But I want to keep my statement, that the clergyman HAS NOT evade taxes.

After the statemant of Mr. Alois Taxhuber (Photo), the former leader of the commitée of socialitic international peace and interconfessional agriculture, the evangelical clergyman only got charges for his meal.

The authorities of Bebra - West informed besides them that the evangelical clergyman had never official followed a trade and therefore he hadn´t to pay business taxes at all.

I hope that the evangelical clergyman will clear up the situation.

§ § § § § §

The evangelical clergyman asserts that he told the truths at the lawsuit.

In realtity his lawyer Mr. Ottmar Jushawk hat sent a wrong statement to the court. But mistakes are human, we should not critize him.

It was self evident that the clergyman´s lawer cleared up the fact und apologized himself. The lawyer would never tolerate the lies of his clients.

Even the scorcher to be a tormentor of animals against the evangelical clergyman was absolutely wrong. The respected animal psychiatrist Dr. Olaf Klapsmueller of the university of Hoyerswerda had examinated the white hawk which has eated the evangelical clergyman during he was surfing on the lake of Bigge in the mean time. The hawk suffered on a psychosomatic stomach - complaint because of its unhappy childhood. Press - releases telling evangelical clergyman would be only heavy digestible were not more than a stupid atheistic propaganda, as far Klapsmueller announced.


Our evangelical clergyman who didn´t evade taxes is a really very honest man.

He would never kill even a fly. But I have never said that he diables flies.

Joachim Kossmann