How our evangelical clergyman found his Christian faith


It was very difficult for our evangelical clergyman to find his love to the Christian faith, because his environment was indifferent against his religion.

His family wasn´t really a good modell for him...

Photo: This is our evangelical clergyman as he was not an evangelical clergyman.

This is the evangelical mother of the evangelical clergyman who didn´t evade taxes

She was educated in the Hitler - youth with the idea of the Christian evangelical faith, but later religion was all the same to her.

But there are some kids - poems well known ouf her childhood:

Catholic rats
fried in the pan
tempted by the devil
touched by the soul


My wife the Lerche
goes to the church one time
she sits on the last bank
and puffed of three meters long




The father of the evangelical clergyman who didn´t evade taxes worked at the underground movement during the Nauis - era. He was a miner in the industrial coal region of the Ruhr.

After the war he had a little store in the near of ... .

When he saw his litte son - the later evangelical clergyman - for the first time, he disappeared and was never seen again. People say he joined the French Foreign Legion and died during the war in Frech Indochina (Vietnam) years later.

The grandma of the evangelical clergyman who didn´t evade taxes worked against the French occupation trous in the Ruhr region in 1923.

When she left the catholic church because of her wedding in 1924, the catholic clergyman visited her and cried: "Therefore god will punish you by the hell!" The grandma fired him...

Later she collected money for the Nazi public welfare but otherwise she was not interes in religious themes.

When she grew old the evangelical clergyman visited her once ayera in order to get his birthday gifts.




This is the foster - father of the evangelical clergyman who didn´t evade taxes.

The foster - father paid for the costs of living of the clergyman more than 20 years.
Therefore the clergyman brings a candle to his grave every year.






The rich uncle of the evangelical clergyman who didn´t evade taxes was fond of drinking alocohol.

... and so the inheritor got lost...




The cousin of our evangelical clergyman loved to torture little dogs.
...and so the cousin had to be put to the psychatry.

But now the little dogs are sure again!







The elder sister follows the eldest trade of the world.

But I think nobody can condemn this today.

The little brother of the evangelical clergyman who didn´t evade taxes might have been a real spark of hope for the clergyman.

But the little brother always used him ill and regarded him to be a moron.

For the evangelical clergyman it was very hard to understand this truth...

How can it be possible to find your love to the Christian faith in such a surrondings?



But our clergyman got contact to the Christian youth group of the evangelical parish of ... - and here he could found erverything he had missed before: Love, confidence and human bestowals.

But that should not be everything...




Together with the ladies of the evangelical feminist movement he made a commercial trip to the world wide well known place of pilgrimage Lourdes.




At last the alert group reached the very nice town of Lourdes in the north west of Spain, after two blowouts had to be repaired.

The natives welcame the visitors from the godless Federal Republic of Germany.


In the heart of Lourdes we can find the famous church of pilgrimage whre the bones of the holy Theobald are stored.

The evangelical clergyman was very impressed and intended to become an evangelical clergyman in order to bring the blessings and salvation of Christianity.

The trip to Lourdes changed the life of the evangelical clergyman. He got to become very religious and told his beads up and down every day. He also sent his prayer - rug to the cleaner´s.

Our evangelical clergyman became a very new man.



The evangelical clergyman came back to his home - town from the commercial trip to Lourdes, happy and tired and enriched by the Christian faith, an electric blanket and a coffee - machine of the firm Harakiri - Electronics.






Up now the evangelical clergyman whi didn´t evade taxes made only good things.

At this picture we can see him helping a lady fallen over a cow - dung.






Here we can see him helping an old lady to fix up her new flat.

The evangelical clergyman is to be seen at the left side.





... and he saved even the life of an unhappy man whom wanted to jump from the roof of this very nice building.

The evangelical clergyman who didn´t evade taxes denied the reception of a ribbon of an order, because he was too modesty.







Here we can see the evangelical clergyman dancing as a travestie - star in a show. The receipts were decided for hungry kids of the Third World.







On the day of the German reunification on Oct. 3rd, 1990 he organized an open - air - divine service.

Before them he had hungered asceticly for three weeks. You can notice his very wide suit.






I really cannot understand why I ´ve got the absolutely wrong idea that this honest man evades taxes...