For the fortune of our people


The national owned enterprise catholic parish of Karl - Marx - Town - Liebenau made a present of an aeroplane of the Vatikan airlines to the glorious Sovjet - army on the anniversary of the October - revolution.

At the background we can see the at all secret ptototype of the air - ship "Stalin II".

The comrade clergyman ... from the reactionary capitalistic FRG demanded in a reader´s letter to the standard paper of our glorious socialistic unity party the elemination of the exploitation of the West German proletarians by the reactionary clerus.
The abolishing of the old fashioned West German church taxes would be required for the necessary socialistic innovation of the old capitalistic FRG churches.

The comrade clergyman ... wants to keep anonymous because he got threatening letters from reactionary circles of the FRG that he shall be murdered.

Comrade clergyman, you will be wellcome at any time in the glorious fatherland of the proletarians - in our GDR!
The very new official car of comrade cardinal Steinbeisser, type Wartburg "Roadrunner GTI 16V" with a streamlined body and roll pylon represents a highlite of the automobile industry of the first working men and farmer state on German ground.
So the socialistic unity church of the GDR distanced itself finally from the decadentic West cars, as comrade cardinal Steinbeisser wrote in an article of the monthly magazine "church frpm the top":



The evangelical parish of West - Berlin Tierpatk Nordost transformed the turned off bell - tower of its old decadentic church nearby the anti Fasistic protective screen to an outlook - tower for even still more decadentic western - tourists.

The receipts shall supposed be uses to help the victim of the earth - quake in Hamburg.

Comrads, women and men, we will not accept the provocating disfiguring of the capitel of our republic!

It eventuated a bad train desaster when the engine of the Reichs - railroad arrived at the station of Bitterfeld.
The reactionary bishop Lohmann from the capitalistic FRG had made a trip with the catholic women association of his parish to our glorious working men and farmer state, when the engine of his capitalistic bus was put out of action just on the railroad crossing.
But the comrade engineer could prevent a more worse desaster by a risky evasive action.