The funny job - quiz

Today our evangelical clergyman who didn´t evade taxes is a guest in the studios of the Beavarian broadcasting in Munich.

Quizmaster Robert Schlemmke says hallo tho him.

We will see wheter the team will guess the job of our evangelical clergyman.





May I introduce the team of the quiz to you?

actress Marianne Pfloch
prosecutin attorney Hans Angelsax
intendent Guido Maurer
singer Elisabeth Flickscher


Ladies and Gents, may I introduce my next guest? Mr. Anders. Mr. Anders is employed. Mr. Anders, please choose your piggy!
ev. clergyman: I take the brown one.
Robert: Let´s go on with Hans.
Hans: Is my opinion right that "Anders" will not be your right name?
ev. clergyman: Yes.

Aha. That will mean you are a littele bit popular. But let´s start with the normal question. Are you being busi with the production or distribution of goods?
ev. clergyman: Not at all.
Robert: Please answer only "yes" or "no". But we will answer "no".
Do you have got a higher education?
ev. clergyman: Yes from the university of Bebra.
Guido: Could even I make use of your service?
ev. clergyman: I don´t know.
Robert: Let´s say 2,50 $.
Guido: That will mean only a special group of interest will make use of your service.
ev. clergyman: Yes.
Guido: Will people get a advice from you?
ev. clergyman: Partly and partly.
Robert: And now we say finally "no".
Marianne: Do you help mankind?
ev. clergyman: W w h h a a t t ? ? ?
Robert: For this question I should throw 10 $ into the pig...
Elisabeth: I ´m astonished. You are earning a lot of money and you are only doing useless things?
ev. clergyman: No.
Robert: Oh, we cannot answer at at all with "no".
Elisabeth: Do you are a manager of soccer?
ev. clergyman: No.
Hans: I think it will be easy. You are a politician.
ev. clergyman: No.
Guido: Oh, you are a famous sportsman.
ev. clergyman: In former days I played tennis but I couldn´t get a lonely ball over the net.
Robert: Please answer only with "yes" or "no".
Marianne: Are you an artist?
ev. clergyman: Yes.
Marianne: Do you work at the show scene?
ev. clergyman: Yes.
Robert: I ´m astonished. It´s a very honest answer.
Marianne: Do you are singing?
ev. clergyman: Yes.
Marianne: Have I seen you at the opera house of Milano?
ev. clergyman: No.
Elisabeth: That will mean you are a rock - star.
ev. clergyman: No.

We will not disturb you. To be a rock - star is only his additional occupation. But we are searching for his main job.
Hans: Do you represent a big organzation?
ev. clergyman: Yes.

Let´s repite. You are earning a lot of money, you are doing only useless things. You are neither a sport manager nor a politician. Oh, you are working for the television?
ev. clergyman: No.

Mmmh. Do you agree if I say that you will represent an organization exploiding people for 2000 years?
ev. clergyman: No.
Robert: Oh, Mr. Anders, we cannot answer this question with "no".
ev. clergyman: Well, we want to live too.
Guido: Are you working for the Mafia?
ev. clergyman: Yes... Aaah, I want to answer "no".

Oh, this "no" will be very hard Mr. Anders. But now our piggy will be full. I can solve the quiz. Mr. Anders is an evangelical clergyman.
Guido: Oh, it ´s a pity. That would have been my next question.

To say "good bye" our evangelical clergyman will sing for us his famous hit: