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The catholic parish of Bochum - Suderwich ordered its basketball - team to the building - site of the new underground railroad of Altoetting.



Mr. Prof. Dr. Brusewinkel from the institute of space research of Free University of Recklinghausen gives a lecture on the very interesting theme:

"Is there any intelligent life on earth?" will take place at the new parish - house of the St. Thomas parish, Karl Liebknecht Street 23 in Schwelm at the next friday.



With contributions of the European Union an the Free State of Bavaria the very new pilgrimage - dome of Altoetting will be rebuilt to a bunker which will be sure against nuclear weapons.

In the case of a war the bunker shall offer asylum and godlike inspiration to the Bavarian government.



The patriarch of the Russian parish Byalisto - Sevastophol of the Russion orthodox church will visit his catholic partner - parish in Witten - Styrum.

It will take place a solemn divine service. A simultaneous translation is secured.




Cardinal Wasservogel lamentated in his speech to the New Year the always rising body - cult of our society.
Only outward beings are still respected, during intrinsic values don´t play a fidle any longer.

...nut this crucifix proves: Even Jesus had got a washboard stomach!


The initiative - circle "fairness about red - letter days", association of Southern Lower Saxony, demands the introduction of a godless tuesday in order to compensate the lot of Christian holidays restricting the free life of all Non - Christians.

Because of that the practising of religion shall be forbidden by the law on Tuesdays, especially alle churches will have to be closed.

The evangelical parish Hannover Brackwedel takes part at a test immediately.


Oetti beats Oetzi!

At excavation works for the construction of the new underground railroad of Altoetting the remains of a stone age man were found.
After the result of researches the tenderly called Oetti is still more older than the famous Oetzi.
By the way Oetti was already roman catholic surely proved by old church - books.


Clergyman Notnagel from the catholic rarish Hamm - Hueckelhoven is mad at the insurance -company which rose the premium for the new oil - tanks.

The manager of the firm cleared himself: "The church is a phase - out - model and therefore the risk of running over oil will be significant much more.

Animals with clearly visible disformities were born in the zoo of Oberhausen - Hamborn. The heads of the zebra and thedonkey are bigger than the rest of the body.
But suppositions that the animals were victim of secret genetic engeneerings didn´t confirm. After the opinon of animal psychologists and the Cardinal Wasservogel the animals are possessed by the devil.

Bishop Lohmann will make an exorcism, the animals shall be burnt on the stake.
RTL will broadcast life!

A panic broke out during the parish - celebration of the evangelical parish Wuppertal Heisingen after the famous singer Carmen Brandes from Bochum sang her song "I ride with you the train to Bielefeld".

Fortunately nobody was injured, but the material damage is very high.

We see the technical auxiliary service by clearing of debrice.


Bishop Lohmann pilloried in his last "Wort to the Sunday" the arrogance of the scientists. Even the modern science cannot answer every questions.

Why disappear socks in the washing machine principially only isolated but never but never by pairs?

The Technical University of Bebra annonced research study to clear this phenomenon.

At a visit at the zoo of Oberhausen - Hamborn with his candidates for confirmation clergyman Notnagel was bitten by a wild monkey.
He must be sent to the ambulance. of the Marienhospital.
But there is no reason to care after the statement of the medical superintendent. The monkey will not still got a remaining damage.

Clergyman Notnagel has to be lulled into security.

Cardinal Wasservogel said during his last press conference the engagement for the protection of the environment was very urgent, because the church can only secure on this way the respect of the church - taxes by the green party.

The diocese Wiedenbrueck made a good exampel and outfitted its first nave with a very new four - way - catalysator developed by the firm Harakiri - Electronis.

But first tests were not very sufficient as the photo proves.