Miracles are still again

The bell tower of the evangelical Trinity church of Gelsenkirchen - Drewer doubled itself ater the prayer on Good Friday in a wonderful kind.

The churly comittee for questions of believe and real estates will present the final report at the end of the next week.

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Miracle in Essen at the Lake of Baldeney:

More or less religious people went over the water on Febr. 14th, 1991.
One of them used a wheel at all.

Neither scientifics nor theologicans have fonded an explanation for this phenomenon still today.

Photo: The Lake of Baldeney in Essen on Febr. 14th, 1991

A space ship with extra terristic üersons on board landed on the market place of Hueckelhoven

The passengers asked for political churchly asylum because they would be discriminated of their Puritan believe on their home planet Omega 7/III.

The team "ant- asylum" welcame the new - domers in a very sincere way.

Bishop Lohmann said during a press conference, we have already got 17 millions of refugites in Germany, and so the few extra terristics would not play a roll.

The water stop wall of the Lake Bigge broke two days after the resurrection of the evangelical clergyman who did not defraud taxes and overflowed the land. At the mean time the guessworks are being concentrated thar the white shark killed the evangelical clergyman who did not defraud taxes had been introduced by the movement "church - no thank you".

The Staatssicherheit took over the investigations.

Photo: The Autobahn nearby Radevormwald in South - Westphalia