Modesty forewer!
In order to save up money for the rising costs of energy the evangelical parish Herne - Beckhausen diminished its church.

Bishop Lohmann took former a big Mercedes - Benz with a chauffeur.

...and now he has been changed to small car of the more modest E - class.






The evangelical parish of Duesseldorf - Marxloh rented its indeed a little too big turned out bell tower of its new Maria - church to the German telekom for the housing of satellite antennas.

The income is supposed to be used for the help for Nicaragua.

A "day of the open door" took place at the opening of the very new branch office of the banking house of Christian Nepotism.

Branch manager Krommsink defendet the cost for the new building which had become necessary necause of the rickety of the old house.

In order to save money Polish blackleg workmen were prefered to be employed. Farther the interior of elevators was left off because of reasons of modesty. Therefore through the climbing of the stairways also a fitness studio apartment for the employers became to be unnecessary.

Cardinal Wasservogel spoke in high terms of the modesty of the bank of Christian Nepotism..

Cardinal Wasservogel criticized during his last tv show "Juergen Mosquito" the after his opinion totally too short frontier protective force of the Free State of Bavaria.

That was modesty at its wrong place, because troops of godless Prussians can unchecked press upon Bavyria, Cardinal Wasservogel feared, but he wants to disclaim on the usage of contact mines because of humanitary reasons.

Photo: The frontier between Bavaria and Northrhine - Westphalia is nearly totally unsecured!

The nuntius of the Vatican Monsignore Alphonsio termed press - releases that the very new heating power station of Vatican - City (left photo) should threaten our environment in a very strong way as the propaganda of anticlerical powers.
In realitiy strongest standards have been introduced in order to protect the environment. So a very new filter - systems developed by the firm Harakiri - Electronis should have proved already an excellent effect during the first tests as our photos prove.
The nuntius invited the journalists to a walking through the Vatikan park, where everybody could convince himself about the excellent status of the nature (right photo).