News about the evangelical clergyman

Some time has been spent and many people are asking what has been happened meanwhile in the little parish of our honest evangelical clergyman.

Are calm and peace have been coming back?


Wants to keep unrecognizabel still again:
The evangelical clergyman ... from ... , who has never evade taxes. RRREALY!

But there was al lot of rumor in his little parish. Why is it possible that an evangelical clergyman evades taxes, a neighbour asked, the clerus doesn´t pay taxes at all. Perhaps there are still some other reasons...



This are the evangelical kids from the evangelical kindergarten of the evangelical parish the evangelical clergyman visited very often.

...some of the kids will keeps the visits in a very impressive remembrance...

There were scuttlebutts that there have been happened some incidents in the yoth camp. By the way the evangelical clergyman should have preventend that a well known discounter opens a big super market nearby the evangelical clergyman´s evangelical church. We Germans don´t love the church, but we are loving this discounter, whose name I do not want to tell you because I do not get money for the public relation.

At all in the the women´s group scuttlebutts rose up. Is really everything in order with the evangelical clergman? ...and was has been happend in the youth camp? In former times the clergyman was very polite. ...and why can an evangelical clergyman buy a brand new Mercedes - Benz S 300 at once? Anything seems to be out of order!

No! Calm an peace should return to the littele parish of the evangelical clergyman. But it is not so simple to put away an eanglical clergyman, because he has got an internal knowledge of the church...

And so our honest evangelical clergyman has got a very nice packed of job whre he can live till the end of his life ore till the end of the church taxes...



The evangelical clergyman feels really very well in his new parish somewhere in South Germany. With his brave hunting dog he often goes through the wide forests.

The people of his new parish are simply and straightforward - like the evangelical clergyman himself.

...and so the evangelical clergyman has found his fortune of life - by the calm and loneliness of the country.

Beautiful but dangerous:

The Lake Bigge in South Westphalia


I received this sad news. Our evangelical clergyman who doesn´t evade taxes has beend drowned during his last surfing - vacations in the Lake Bigge in South Westphalia. We all would have wanted still a lot lot of happy years of living to him, but things came in the other way.
But a really monster wave made his surf board to cant - and the very awfil white shark made the rest...
The evangelical church lost one of her honest colleague - an irreparable damage!
The evangelical clergyman´s family asked to refrain from flower - gifts. The funeral does not take place. The white shark has done his job very well...

But animal friends can recover, the white shark has got well again in a realtiv good way. The best wishes for reconvalescence for the white shark you can permit if you click here.

But nobody knows what it will be happen! Therefore: Miracles are still again!