The very new grand prize in 2003!



Joachim Kossmann


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

the year of 2002 is alomost gone, and I ´m sorry to say that nobody of you had guessed the name of the evangelical clergyman who didn´t evade taxes.

But I ´m very surprised because of numerous remittances. But a lot of my German readers simplified the story too much and and imputed the clergymen of their own parishes.

But I think that some of you have been coming near to the right solution.

Do you might have got substrictions to name a wrong clergyman?

...or are the prizes to small? I cannot afford to expose a red Porsche 911 Turbo as the main prize. But you will be surprised, if you read what I want to offer you:

Why should the American people be not to be troubled with the first calss German cultural productions? Because I have joined the music - business I can offer you a hit performance of five hits of my repertoire for your next private birthday or family party. You have only to pay the fare.
What do you think? That will be a sensation for your family!

I ´m goin to sing with you at the next kermes of Crange in Wanne - Eickel in August 2003 the song "Resi, ich hol´ dich mit dem Traktor ab".
Don´t you want to sing with a real star?

A T - shirt with my photo at the frontside - an unicat! (please tell me your size!)
Ten by me signed atogramme postcards must be enough. Or do you want more?
You do´nt want to believe me? It´s very simple. Ask the clergyman of your parish and say good bye to him. You will win freedom and you can save money.
But you have to solve the quiz, if you want to win a prize, of course!
You have to answer the follwing three questions:

1. What´s the nickname of the evangelical clergyman who didn´t evade taxes?

2. What´s the name of the clergyman´s lawyer, a real highlite of the West German jusitce?

3. What´s the name of the clergyman´s last parish bevor he was transfered into the desert?

Conditions of participation:

Everybody who is quite normal after his own opnion can participate, but with the acception of the prosecuting attorney and the clergyman´s lawyer and person of my social surrondings.
The solutions are to be sent to my E mail address until June, 30th 2003. The course of law is excluded. The lottery will be conducted by a diploma chemical engineer.
I wish you good luck!