The magnific clergyman - quiz



Please take part at the magnific clergyman - quiz!

This play is only useful as a party game - who will solve the most right answers will be given the clergyman´s blessing.
If you click at the big question marks at the right side, you will get to know the right answer. But try to solve the questions at first!

Enjoy yourself!

1.) How much money does our clergyman earn, monthly and tax - free?

a. 1.000 US $
b. 2.000 US $
c. 3.000 US $
d. 4.000 US $
E. more than 4.000 US $

2.) What is the additional occupation of our clergyman?

a. He is a rock - star
b. He works unpaid as a painter
c. He obtains orders for the undertaker ... .
d. He writes articles for a well known East German daily newspaper
e. He is the ticket - agent of a soccer club

3.) What is the favourite music of our clergyman?

a. The national anthem
b. Ave Maria
c. Clergymen are never lying
d. The funny lumberjack boys
e. The moon of Wanne - Eickel

4.) When and where does our clergyman say the truth?

a. In open court
b. To the fiscal office
c. To his superintendent
d. To his wife
e. Everywhere and always

5.) What are the ideals of our clergyman?

a. Honesty
b. Tolerance
c. Decency
d. Love
e. Everything of all

6.) From whom would our clergyman never buy an used motor - car?

a. From me
b. From the Chancellor of the Ferderal Republic of Germany
c. From his superintendent
d. From a catholic bishop
e. From his former scholl teacher

7. ) What are the bad habits of our clergyman?

a. He is fond of torturing young dogs
b. He likes to misuse young kids
c. He loves to whip his wife
d. He is a dope addict
e. He votes for the Social Democratic Party of Germany

8.) What is the creed of our clergyman?

a. He trusts in God
b. He trusts in Jesus
c. He trusts in the resurrection
d. He trusts in money
e. He trusts in the weather forecast

9.) What are the dreams of our clergyman?

a. To proselyte the godless Germans
b. To get a brand new red Porsche 911 Turbo
c. That his church will be as full as C & A during the seasonal sale
d. Of his pension
e. He hasn´t ever being got dreams

10.) How did our clergyman died?

a. He got an electric shock of his electric guitar
b. He jumped out of the window
c. He was killed by the white shark during he was surfing on the Lake of Bigge
d. He got a heart failure because of his ardor of work
e. He received a shock during he was reading this website

What´s your opinion? Did you enjoy the quiz?